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Training and Mentoring

Business Mentoring can be defined as a set of professional development activities supported by an experienced peer or colleague. But what a business mentor actually does for you and your company far exceeds such a simple explanation.

Our mentors, whether for a one-shot question or decades-long resource, offer new ideas and ways of thinking about problems that perhaps you or your company hadn't thought of. We wil match for you mentors that work, or have worked, in similar fields' to your entrepreneurial venture. Most of our mentors are specialists in a particular field or problem that could be related to your business goals. We wold also recommend mentors that you feel comfortable with, trust implicity, and are able to access on a timeline that suits everyone's needs.

The key benefits of having a mentor in your business are:

Experience: Learning from the experience and mistakes of more experienced business owners.
Guidance: Having a mentor guide you through achieving the objectives of your business, both short and long term.
Contacts: Leveraging off their contacts to help open new doors for your business.
Accountability: Mentors make sure that the goals and objectives that have been set in your business are achieved.

The mentoring packages that WBCT Consulting provide are very structured and aligned to businesses at different levels. The 3 levels WBCT Consulting breaks them down into are SME's, Established Businesses and Start Ups.

We then tailor your mentoring requirments around the challenges your business is facing and the help you require. The table below shows how we align those requirements. As you will see, regardless of the size of your business the 3 pillars that all business owners need to have strong hold of is its sales, its finance and its operations.

Mentoring is a very personal business and having the right mentor on board is absolutely vital. So please do contact us now for help in finding the best mentor for your business.

We will also help you to learn powerful marketing strategies and discover how to create a profitable web business.We are a provider of professional business training designed for companies who want to train their staff as well as individuals who are seeking their own personal development. We offer essential training in time management, negotiation skills, leadership, stress management, effective communication, marketing and much more! Whether it is Personal Development, Management or Sales training you are after, we have a course to suit every level.We will help you get the essential skills in marketing and PR and to be able to use them and grow them for and within your own business.  We can help you to achieve tangible results with tools, tactics and techniques from the experts.Our marketing trainign offers tried and tested strategies to communicate with your customers with real impact and help your product or business stand out from the crowd. We will empower you to get to grips with PR and marketing best practices.

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